General de Adhesivos, S.L.U.




Building, construction, civil engineering, handicrafts | Consumption / do-it-yourself | Electronics | Footwear and leather | Medicine and medical technology | Paper, cardboard and related products | Textile | Transportation | Wood and furniture


Acrylics | Adhesive foams | Adhesive tapes | Butyl | Hot melt adhesives (hot melt) | Polyurethanes | Reagents | Silane modified polymers (SMPs) | Silicones


Polígono Industrial Les Sorts, nave 4 - 43365 Alforja (Tarragona)

Brief description of the company

They are specialists in Glues and Adhesives. They offer their services and experience, because they know that it is important for the client to have the collaboration of a specialized team.

They currently belong to the international group BODO MÖLLER CHEMIE.
They work with the best brands: Araldite, VELCRO®, MIXPAC™, COX™, MK™, Loctite, 3M, Sika, DowSIL, Merbenit, Molykote, Pekecho, Tecnade, Dow Automotive, Ambersil, Bonderite.

They can also offer all types of application solutions such as silicone guns, pneumatic guns, battery operated guns, anchor guns and all MIXPAC™ cartridge and mixer solutions .

They have a DIN 6701 certified testing laboratory for adhesives.

Together with the IFAM FRAUHOFER Institute in Bremen (Germany), they carry out courses for EUROPEAN ADHESIVE APPLICATORS (EAB) and EUROPEAN ADHESIVE SPECIALIST (EAS).

If you need to know which glue / adhesive is the right one for your application, how to prepare the surfaces, how to store your product, how to apply it, how to bond a material, do not hesitate to consult them.


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