Network of professionals in the adhesives and glues sector.

As part of ASEFCA’s commitment to the glue and adhesives sector, the association is part of a network of professionals to promote active listening to businessmen, to learn about the needs of the sector and any new developments that may be essential to know first hand.

Industry Association European Adhesives and Sealants, FEICA

ASEFCA is part of FEICA (European Adhesives and Sealants Industry Association), which offers a number of tools and resources to help its members and the industry keep abreast of key developments in the sector and the environment in which it operates.

In addition, it has several working groups that allow members to contribute to and benefit from FEICA’s activities in areas of interest to the industry. There is also free access to FEICA’s seminars and special discounts on market reports and the annual European Adhesives and Sealants Conference and Exhibition. Another benefit is reduced fees for projects such as PU training and FEICA-EPDs product environmental declaration templates. Through this partnership between ASEFCA and FEICA our members can benefit from all the above mentioned services.

It should be noted that it collaborates with EU legislators, other national and European associations in order to provide its members with adequate information and assistance for their industrial activity in accordance with the requirements of the European context and international competition.

Association of Spanish Standardization, UNE

ASEFCA is a corporate member of the Spanish Standardization Association (UNE) and holds the Secretariat of the Technical Committee for Adhesives Standardization: CTN 143. ASEFCA members actively collaborate in the study and drafting of standards, both Spanish and European, through the European Committee for Standardization: CEN/TC 193, whose Secretariat is provided by UNE. (

ASEFCA member companies can benefit from special bonuses and discounts on the acquisition of standards and information products, as well as on AENOR training and courses.

Technological Center of Footwear, INESCOP

Since 2001, the Footwear Technology Center, INESCOP, has managed the ASEFCA Secretariat. INESCOP is an innovation and technology center established in 1971 as a private non-profit association.

With 50 years of experience, it works to provide technological services, transfer knowledge and research on topics of general interest to the footwear sector. It maintains close contact with this organization to promote all issues related to the Adhesives Sector in its specialty in footwear and other applications.

In addition, it offers the services of the adhesives department (testing and characterization techniques) and the environment and sustainability department (organization and product life cycle analysis, carbon and water footprint) to ASEFCA members at special discounts.

Spanish Adhesion and Adhesives Group, GEAA

The GEAA (Spanish Adhesion and Adhesives Group), created within ASEFCA in 2003, is a forum that aims to bring together, promote and coordinate scientific and technical knowledge about the world of adhesion and adhesives, as well as to consider their implications for society. ASEFCA performs the work of the Secretariat of the Spanish Adhesion and Adhesives Group.

Through GEAA and ASEFCA, associate members can benefit from special discounts on congress registrations, workshops, courses, conferences and seminars organized jointly.

Spanish Confederation of Associations of Product Manufacturers of Construction, CEPCO

ASEFCA belongs to the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Manufacturers of Construction Products (CEPCO) formed by 21 of the most
relevant national associations of manufacturers of construction products.

CEPCO has different technical working groups, such as those on late payment, Industry 4.0, Internationalization, BIM, Market Surveillance, Public Procurement, Environment and Sustainability, AENOR-Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Reduction of Administrative Burdens and the National Congress on Construction Products.

This entity is supported by its business and associative network, which provides constructive dialogue with its opinion to the administration and aims at a horizon of services both to its entrepreneurs and to all those who are related to the world of construction.

Technology Platform Spanish Packaging and Packaging, PACKNET

ASEFCA is present in the packaging sector through its membership with the Spanish Packaging Technology Platform (PACKNET) whose objective is to to provide a joint response from the packaging sector, create a common space where knowledge can be exchanged and R&D&I can be combined and promoted. in the Packaging sector.

The Platform offers its members a wide variety of services based on the latest news in the sector, dynamization of R&D&I projects, databases of technological offers and demands, PACKNET seal, contact with the public administration, exclusive advantages for members, participation in sector events, networking at national and international level and specialized human resources in the sector.

Labeling program EQGEST

ASEFCA has been collaborating for some time with the software developer Cimkey in its eQgest program, which allows companies in the sector to quickly and safely adapt to the current regulations on chemical products.

EQGEST optimizes time and offers a solution to ensure the correct application of regulatory standards in the sector the program offers the following functions: substance database, classification of substances and mixtures, safety data sheets (SDS/FDS), automatic dissemination of SDS according to REACH, label design and printing, regulatory alert system, ADR, toxicological data sheets (CLP) and the possibility of linking the program to your ERP.

As a member of ASEFCA you have special conditions in the subscription to this program.

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