PJM Pujadas S.A.




Consumption / do-it-yourself | Footwear and leather | Medicine and medical technology | Paper, cardboard and related products | Textile



93 588 18 77



C. Ciclisme 1-3 Polígon Can Rosés 08191 Rubí - Barcelona

Brief description of the company

The company P J M PUJADAS SA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which carries out its activity in the field Glues, adhesives and applicators. It is based in Rubi, Spain.

It is a company specialized in the commercialization of chemical products and adhesives in the city of Barcelona. In 1915, the company expanded its activities to the manufacture of adhesives, sulfonated oils, softeners and auxiliaries for the textile, marinating and paper manufacturing industries.

In 2015, global expansion, from Europe, the Middle East and Africa to Southeast Asia and the Americas, was gaining momentum thanks to Pujadas’ unique position in all tobacco multinationals. In parallel, diversification in the form of new environmentally friendly formulations for the textile, packaging and food and beverage sectors also experienced strong growth. And to complete the circle, they focus their efforts on the manufacture of chemical mixtures for third party companies through agreements for the provision of manufacturing services.


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