Asefca joins Packnet

packnet observatory
Alicante, March 2021 – ASEFCA – Asefca joins Packnet.

Recently the Spanish Association of Glue and Adhesive Manufacturers (ASEFCA) has become a partner of the Spanish Packaging Technology Platform (PACKNET)The objective of this Spanish platform is to be a meeting point for producers, intermediaries and consumers to respond to the needs of the packaging market.

Packnet is consolidated as a backbone instrument in the packaging sector. Thanks to the impulse given by PACKNET during the last years as a common space where to exchange knowledge, join efforts and promote R&D&I in the sector.

Its members include companies, business organizations, technology centers, research organizations, universities and independent professionals with interests in the packaging value chain.

Our first collaboration with the platform will take place in the participation in one of the Working Groups covered by PACKNET, in particular, the Auxiliary Elements Working Group The main objective of this event is to learn about all the latest technological developments in coatings, adhesivesThe company is committed to the development of new products, inks, labels, sealing systems, traceability tools, etc., that also contribute to meeting the guidelines of the Circular Economy.

In short, this new membership will allow us to remain at the forefront of packaging technologies and to keep abreast of new consumer needs.

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